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Proudly Serving Coastal Cities & States. Residents & Commercial Businesses.

24/7 Boat Removal

No matter the time, day or night, we dispatch same day when needed. Whether your boat has a gas leak, damaged by a storm, had an accident, or your boat just won’t start, let us come relieve you of any unwanted liability.

Skilled Boat Removers

Our crew moves with speed and intention. Our boat removers have the knowledge, experience and great customer service, we’ll help you out! 

Quality Promise

With the latest boat removal equipment, our fleet is capable of towing everything from motor yachts to dinghy’s. We’ve got you covered!

Why Choose Us?

No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. Whether a storm flipped your boat, whether it’s damaged beyond repair, or had an accident, or just won’t start, let us remove the boat stress for you.

Boat Removal Service – Start to Finish

Boat Remover LLC’s Vessel & Boat Removal works with crews that have experience removing boats in almost all scenarios, from the simple side-yard – backyard boat removal job, or marina to the sinking boat that just damaged the HOA Dock on its way down.

We’re fully insured, and safeguard assure that every boat removing action is safe and with the customers best interest and bottom-line in mind.

  • Prior to your boat’s removal, a visual review is conducted around the area where the boat is located to ensure that no environmental harm or further damage is incurred.
  • During boat removal, if the boat needs to be towed away from an area near a residence, the best path to avoid landscaping / soil damage, or the environmental damage is taken.
  • With our boat removal service, we make sure the boat is completely removed, removing all equipment and components associated with the vessel. Boat removal also includes safely accessing the perimeter to avoid causing harm to bystanders in the surrounding area.

For the best junk removal service contact Boat Remover LLC, we continue to succeed in creating a smooth boat removal experience start to finish and provide excellent customer service.

Fast Boat Removal

We’ll make it our problem to meet your boat removal needs on your schedule.

We understand the costs associated with maintaining, storing, and keeping a vessel afloat. Whether your vessels at a Mooring, Marina, Dock / Slip, or backyard it’s all part of the boat removal experiences we’ve had. When your boat is scheduled to be removed, we’ll do our best to coordinate and accommodate the complete removal of your vessel.

Who Is Our Usual Client Looking for Boat Removal?

Normal Boat Removal Customers & Situations
Our boat removal customers have varied greatly, some had a small diesel leak and were concerned with the huge fines to follow, some patrons and fellow sailors ran into medical emergencies while others just got sick of looking at an old junk boat that’s a real eye soar. Whatever the case is – Boat Remover can help!

Boats are Expensive & Junk Boats Even Moreso

The price to keep a boat afloat, in storage, or even anchored is costly and can add up quick. When our customers are ready to be done, we understand them completely. This brings us to our next type of customer, the customer who is just ready to stop shoveling money into a sinking ship! If you’re ready to be done – Give us a call.

Enhanced Liability Customer

Another common scenario is a customer with a higher liability boat. If your vessel is damaged, damaged an adjacent vessel, damaged a dock, ran aground, has an oil or gas / diesel leak or you may be at risk of very high fines this would most likely fall under a job that requires a heightened sense of speed. In these scenarios we may be able to schedule your boat removal faster.

Motorboat & Sailboat Recycling / Repurposing

There are many times a boat owner, and their boat builds a bond and it’s usually forged at sea.

Our past customers have asked that we respect their boat and rather than dismantle it, locate a new owner, a serious owner that will care for the vessel and give it many more years. This option has been orchestrated on occasion and can be determined when our staff member arrives.

Boat Removal – States, Cities, Areas We Serve?

We’ve dispatched all throughout the US, in any season, as long a weather advisory isn’t in effect or will deter the boat removal process.

Our boat removal services stretch as far south as Key West / Islamorada, Florida, as far northeast as Maine, or northwest as Washington. We dispatch boat removers to vessel owners located throughout the US whether or not there are any water surroundings.

Boat Removal VS Junk Removal

Removing a 50ft Sailboat from a choppy intercoastal is not the same as removing a mattress from your garage.

Needless to say – some junk removal companies try to mirror boat removal and fall short mainly because they are not the same. We have the experience that combines land with sea. Our boat removal crew has experience removing boats, hauling boats, dismantling boats, repurposing boats, and removing boats with machinery junk removal companies are not well-versed in. We have a network of boat businesses that can re-use and recycle boats, and boat parts.

Boat Removal for Hire

If you’re looking for a boat removal service with experience, give us a call or fill out a contact form and we’ll call you.

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