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We can help you remove, recycle or completely dismantle your boat. If your vessel is moored, docked, anchored, on a broken trailer or on blocks in your backyard. In any case we can get your boat removal on it’s way.

Boat Removal Services

Boat Removal and Dismantle at Marina

Boat Removal & Recycle

Breathing new life into an aged boat takes time, skill, and a sound logistical plan. At we fully understand why a boat may have been neglected in the first place. Our boat removal customers and their boat situations vary from one to the other. Some have suffered injury / medical issues, loss of income, hurricane or storm damage, or just relocated away from their vessel. Whatever the situation is we work for you, and to first serve your boat removal needs.

Boat Removal & Dismantle

A part of our boat removal service, and oftentimes a last resort includes the full boat dismantling of a non-habitable, non-rehab-able sailboat, motor boat, fishing vessel to include trimarans, catamarans, monohull sailboats, fishing vessels, open hull boats, motor yachts, flats boats, bass boats, even dinghy’s and jet skis or wave runners! If you’re boat needs to be junked, let us know.

Boat Removal & Hauling

The size and weight of your boat removal and hauling needs depends on many factors, most importantly the type of boat, dimensions in length, beam, keel / draft, and mast. In some cases, hauling is not always the most logistically sound mode of removing or relocating a boat. After accessing your boat removal needs, Boat Remover LLC will choose the method of transport that best fits the job description.

Boat Removal & Salvaging

In some cases your boat is sinking and you’ll want to rescue it, others are just liable and want marine floating devices activated to rescue and remove a boat for dismantling. Whatever the situation, contact to get prices and start planning your boat removal.

Boat Removal Services

Boat Removal Topics

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