When you’re ready to sell or remove a boat located in Massachusetts contact Boat Remover LLC for a price. We dispatch to you whether your boats on land or sea! No matter if your used boat is on the gulf coast, east coast, west coast or lakeside, we’ve got you covered. If your boat becomes a problem, we take the liability of your damaged vessel and either buy it, recycle it, or dismantle and junk it.

Sailboat, Motorboat Removal from Land or Sea

Boat Removal, Hauling, Disposal, Boat Recycling & Salvage

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Boat Disposal

Safety is paramount during the boat disposal process to prevent accidents, injuries, and environmental incidents. Boat owners or operators should take appropriate safety precautions, such as securing the vessel, disconnecting fuel and electrical systems, and removing hazardous materials before disposal.

Boat Recycling

When needed Boat Remover’s Operations involve a host of salvage operations, including wreck removal, any vessel recovery including sailboats large and small. Our salvage operators deploy specialized equipment such as cranes, winches to extract, tow, and refloat vessels stranded or sunk in navigable waters.

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