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NJ Boat Removal. Ready to Get Rid of a Boat in New Jersey?

Dock, slip fees & seasonal rates sneak up fast, leaving you in the red. If you’re ready to get rid of boat – whether high and dry, slipped or moored Boat Remover can help.

Boat Disposal from Water

Boat disposal options from water may include recycling, landfill disposal, or incineration, depending on factors such as the boat’s condition, material composition, and environmental regulations.

Boat Disposal from Land

Transportation to Disposal Site: Boat disposal from land involves transporting the vessel from its current location to a designated disposal site or facility. Boat owners or operators may use trailers, flatbed trucks, or specialized equipment to transport the boat to the disposal site safely and efficiently. Transportation logistics may vary depending on factors such as the vessel’s size, weight, and accessibility, as well as road conditions and regulatory requirements.

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